Christina Jenkins

Wanderlust Mind,  Yogi Heart with a Designer Spirit

I describe myself as a wanderlust mind, a yogi heart with a designer spirit. Everyday is a day to explore the creative nature of what life brings. If I had to fill my day it would consist of a dance class (contemporary or modern), a yoga session at home and designing while the rain pours on my windowpane. I commune with nature. Nature is a great place to refresh the mind that peeks into Gods whispers of wisdom. As for knowledge, it continues to keep my opened mind to learn and explore everything life brings me. Traveling is a passionate marriage to the world of adventure. So much newness is out there, and time is given to seek what it has to offer. At the end of the day, I let life teach me, but I am aware of the joys it can bring which continues to fulfill and enrich my continued endeavors. Joie de Vivre! 


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