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I absolutely love water scapes! I love experiencing, viewing and encompassing the beauty of water! I describe myself as a steady flow of activism, motivation, and eradication with continual streams of collaboration and anticipation fluxing out of a heart of inspirational social change! My ideal day would be to sit in stillness and solitude by a body of water because it is where I discovered that I do my best thinking! I would be observing the multichromatic layers of the water's colors and or listening intentionally to either each precious drop of a rainfall, the gush of a steep waterfall, the gentle flow of a river,  or the surface and groundwater fluxes of a stream to settle my soul. A quote that resonates with me is, "Where the waters do agree, it is quite wonderful the relief they give" ~Jane Austen. 










Even as a child I loved a body of water and a desire to connect with it in some form! My grandma Sarah must have noticed this fluid developmental connection I had with water and wanted to guide my flow early in my life. My guess is that she wanted to make sure that I did not float out somewhere and lose myself! She once said to me, "Girl, stop all of that jumping and dancing and think about why you were put here on this earth! Chile, you have gifts inside of you, yes gifts!!! And if you do not open them, share them and leave them here on this earth, and you die with all of those gifts inside of you…then you are just selfish!” These are the words that my grandmother Sarah shared with me when I was six years old. Sometimes I remember it as eight years old and either way, it was way too young to process such depth!

I remember the incident very well! I was in Grandma Sarah’s garden jumping and dancing between her turnip, mustard and collard greens. I was singing a song that I had made up and it went something like this, “I want to be a dancer, I want to be a singer…” I am sure that I had more words; however, before I could sing another word, Grandma Sarah stopped me. She had a garden tool in her hand and was shaking it side to side in front of my face as if to connect the strokes to the rhythm of each word.

As she spoke those powerful words to me, a sound of the passion leaped from her soul while her voice projected towards me in a stern, vibrate, yet chilling tone! I remember her eyes were piercing and I could feel them cutting away at my soul. I knew what she was saying was important but at the time, the wispy sound of the garden tool moving side to side spoke much louder and drowned out any intent her words may have had that day! Yet, I knew what she was sharing meant a lot to her and it was essential for me to understand that importance! So throughout my life I have had to go deeper!

Upon looking deeper at myself, through my deep faith and being willing to explore further through my own  Sacred Enclaved  Village experiences being supported, nurtured, coached, and guided by skillful and powerful women of color, I discovered that, today what has evolved are evidence of being substance, innovation and possibility and that these qualities are here to insight, ignite, and inspire me to move people higher! I am gifted to share  what I am called to do on this earth! I communicate what’s necessary to inspire and mesmerize relying on my deep faith and ingrained listening skills  to push others to think ahead of the curve or beyond what’s in front of them.  While I invent surprising solutions to problems and challenges,  I do this with precision, elegance and excellence.


Elegant indoor and outdoor spaces provide respite for my inner being and allow me to exhale! Although I love beauty around me, my character is humble and I don’t seek attention. Instead, I seek to create a velvet robe atmosphere and aesthetic that alerts and invites a selective tribe to the party of services that Share the Flame LLC provides. 


Stories are often more fascinating messages for me and it allows others to participate and draw their own conclusions.  I love using this method to create “tribal knowledge” for my Sacred Flame Enclaved Villages clients and it becomes an unspoken shorthand for the people I work whether as individuals or as corporate or academia clientele.  I am skillful, restrained, polished, elegant, astute, systematic, nimble, unassuming and discreet which allows me to create a message that demonstrates elevated grace without showing off. 


I focus on delivering a signature service with exceptional delivery. I use my wit and humor to help my clients see the a vision for themselves that they can’t see  and with methods that are exclusively crafted for them. I am highly sensitive and feel things deeply which helps me to connect in meaningful ways with my clients. My need for solitude and serenity supports me creating powerful and meaningful individual and group coaching programs and to effective work for corporate and academic clientele.  I have a meticulous nature and keen eye for details.  The juxtaposition gives me both a special and highly personalized feel to the customer service I provide which stands out and above my competition.

Now that you have gotten a chance to know me, let's partner so I can get to know you and/or your organization so that you can Share the Flame!

Dr. Debi

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