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Eileen Schmidt- SW Washington Manager Girls Inc. states, " YOU ARE AMAZING!  Thank you so much for speaking from the heart at our Girl's Inc. International Day of the Girl Luncheon. In your presentation you spoke about some key concepts taught to you by your mother about being “That Girl”, well, your mama raised a powerful amazing woman and now you are passing that love, energy, heart, and soul on to others. My mom told me to never doubt who I was and another wise woman told me to always remember that "I am enough."  Now I can add "I am THAT girl/woman" to my daily mantra.Thank you for addressing the "layers" that comprise our identities. It is a message that more people need to hear and embrace. You are setting the stage for, and reinforcing, the work that needs to continue. AND, we will continue it! Finally, I also loved that you had us connect with each other at our table. Women don't really compliment and empower other women nearly often enough.  Thank you for bringing that to this amazing group of women.

Maury Harris-Southwest Washington Community Foundation states, ​“We were looking for the right person to speak on the topic of community in a new way, and you delivered with powerful personal stories, local anecdotes and an incredible depth of knowledge. Your message on “The Collective Community” highlighted the impact that each of our individual contributions has on the broader group. Our audience walked away thinking about how community has helped them and what gift they might give back to support others. We walked away receiving many kudos. You’re talk was authentic, inspiring and actionable. Thank you for amplifying our key messages and making this our most outstanding event to date.”

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