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Insightful Corporate and Academic Consulting and Trainings

Amy Anderson-Director states- "Thank you! I left ready to roll up my sleeves and grow with my collegues for the betterment of students, the institution AND myself. I am so grateful that you shared your flame with our institution. Our flame may not shine super bright yet, but sine it does. Your keynote and training gave us common (and simple😜) language to use together and built a bridge for us to meet on to cultivate trust and love. I will forever be your champion!

Laurie Arnold-South Puget Sound Higher Education Diversity Partnership states -"Thank you so much, Dr. Jenkins, for the day you spent with us for our 18th Annual Diversity Institute! Your training on Campus Cultures: Navigating Power, Intimidation Bullying and Free Speech was not only inspirational but practical. Thank you so much for the resources on bias incidents and free speech—highly relevant and useful. Your presentation was not only riveting, but your interactive activities were  engaging and asked participants to “go deep” – very important! So much to say about the day. I will be recommending you to colleagues!"


Dr. Sharon Cronin, Bicultural Development Consultant, Author, and Lead Researcher of the 15 year-Teaching Umoja Project states, "Debi is sheer brilliance in action! Her ability to teach others how to apply power, privilege, and inequity paradigms and bicultural developmental frameworks to various institutional practices has resulted in effective steps towards lasting organizational change. She not only gets the theory but also the practices that align with the theory. She is passionate about and effective in this work of racial, ethnic, and cultural identity formation and anti-oppression."

Jamie McCoy-Recipient-YWCA Clark County Woman of Achievement 1994, Recipient Val Joshua Racial Justice Award 2007, and Former Early Childhood Education Director states-"Ms. Jenkins is the epitome of professionalism.  When it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 'It is her game and top trainer is her name.' To watch her at work is a joy.  She has such a soothing style yet she hits home with her message and you are not bored in the least.  Her trainings can run for hours and you still want more from her! Her presentations are the best I've ever seen!"​

Dr. Sheryl Reinisch, University Dean College of  Education states- "We recently faced a situation that grew beyond our skill set.  I knew Debi was the person to help us navigate difficult conversations around microaggressions, privilege, and equity.  Debi set everyone at ease with her warmth, expertise, and sense of humor coupled with honest and direct truths that needed to be shared.  As part of the process Debi implemented the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) which set a framework and provided necessary tools to dialog effectively.  Debi returned to lead our faculty through the IDI process in  the following months as part of our ongoing commitment to culturally responsive teaching.  This sparked a series of conversations and professional development which continues to evolve to this day.  We are grateful to Debi for Sharing the Flame and igniting an awareness and passion within us!"

Ignited Coaching Sessions

"This experience is absolutely life changing and I do not have to go through the process entirely alone. What is happening to me in the workplace is painful and now I have a community to not only share but to heal!"

"I so needed this kind of holistic approach to my own growth, thank you Dr. Debi"


"Thank you Dr. Debi. At first I was skeptical because I thought how in the world could this process help me? I see now! OMG what a creative way this can help all of us?"

Melanie Maurice- Director Portland Willamette Valley Chapter of Jack and Jill of America- states, "Based on a recommendation, I reached out to Dr. Debi to talk to a group of mothers about how to improve their relationships with others -- a spouse, children, colleagues, etc... Although my description was somewhat vague, Dr. Debi knew exactly where to go with the topic.  She named the session "How the Discovery of YOU Leads to an Authentic Relationship with THEM?"  Her session was fun, insightful and impactful! She is very engaging and provided exercises to help mothers look at themselves in a new way.  Dr. Debi had lunch with the group as well and continued to share gems with those fortunate to sit at her table.  The impact of her words lasted beyond the day of the retreat.  We were so fortunate to have her. Thank you again Dr. Debi!!"

Inspired Speaking

Robert Britten- Pastor, Educational Leader, Author, Entrepreneur states, "When you walk among giants and they raise you up, you begin to see from a different perspective! Have you ever had a moment when there was a monumental shift in your thinking? Debra Jenkins was the reason for that shift for me. Debra Jenkins, thank you for giving me this most valuable Moment In Time!  I will forever be grateful for your wisdom and your love. "


Sara Gómez- Taylor states, "Love the words you shared! Words that need to be said and heard, as frustrating as it might seem some days, some weeks, some years,  some places of work, some families, some friends, some issues keep on and keep shining the light! Thank you for always sharing from the heart and I'm so happy to learn from your wisdom, strength, and leadership!"

Amy O'hara states, " Well you brought something good because AGAIN I was both honored to be in your presence and changed for the better because of you!"

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