Sacred Flame Transformational Life Coaching


                  Igniting Women of Color towards more insightful and inspired versions of their best selves! 


                          “We at Share the Flame LLC support Women of Color as they navigate traumatic racially     

     impactful experiences and developmental identity spaces by providing community,

      coaching, and collective care.”

See our coaching options below:

Sacred "Sister to a Sistah to a SiStar Ignite" Circle Sessions



























The "Sister to Sistah to SiStar Ignite Circle"  is a signature select one-time customized session, specifically, for conferences, transformational retreats, summits, or specific gatherings designed for Women of Color. 


"Debrena Jackson Gandy- National Best Selling Author, Speaker and Transformational Life Coach -states,  "For our sold out, inaugural REVIVE Elite Retreat, we had high-level women that journeyed to the gorgeous Skamania Lodge on the Columbia River from all across the country.  We selected Dr. Debi to lead the signature workshop that reflected the Retreat’s theme: Free to Be…. She knocked it out of the park!  It was clear that she was thoughtful, mindful and highly tuned in to the objectives we wanted to achieve in this plenary session, and exceeded our expectations. What made her session so exceptional and remarkable is, first, the combination of diverse exercises that were part of her session design…reflection journaling, partner sharing, experiential physical partner exercises that made the concept of “having another’s back” real and tangible; using personal drawn images, symbolic exercises with props, relevant real-life personal stories and examples she shared to underscore her points; and a powerful closing exercise to remind us to shine our light and share the flame! Secondly, Dr. Debi’s presence, style and contagious warmth combined with her presentation content and design was AMAZING…and every one of the participants also thought so!  She is exceptional."

                                                      Sacred Flame Individual Ignite Sessions


















Sacred Flame individual "Ignite" sessions are for a Woman of Color to explore one or more of the following 10  week  packages created by Dr. Debi:

Package One: "How the Discovery of YOU Leads to an Authentic Relationship with THEM?" 


Package Two: "Daring Daily: In-sighting, Igniting, and Inspiring You to Unwrap and Share Your Gifts"


Package Three: "Countering the Narrative: Making the Devalued, Valued"​ 


Package Four "Flow: Transformational Healing through a Heart of Racial Inner Work"

Package Five: "WOCHNLEAD: An Individual Work"​ (See the definitions for the acronym below in the

                              Enclaved Villages Area)


Hala Teeny Client states,  "I contacted Dr. Debi during crises unlike crises I'd ever known before. She penetrated my raw emotions with surprising quickness and shockingly clear insight. I didn't have to give her hours of details and explanations. Instead, she quickly picked up on details and nuances and put together a clear, concise picture of what I was dealing with and gave me PRACTICAL suggestions that I could immediately employ to get on my way towards resolution. She is direct, brilliant, loving, and courageous in her delivery. Being a tough woman, I needed coaching from an adviser willing to challenge my attempts to rationalize behavior and logically explain myself away. With Dr. Debi, I have a ferocious and zealous advocate who loves me enough to cheer me towards the best version of myself and circumstances. I'm extremely blessed to have her in my corner and you will be too!"


                                          Sacred Flame Enclaved Villages





















Sacred Flame Enclaved Villages are strategically selected groups of Women of Color who connect for one-year together through a combination of sessions (online forums/exploration, innovative face to face retreats/ workshops, and inspirational individual and virtual group "ignite" life coaching ) based on the acronym WOCHNLEAD (Women of Color Healing, Navigation, Leadership, Exploration, Affirmation, and Development) established by Dr. Debi to:


Heal and declutter through self and collective care to lead the loving, joyous, and fulfilled lives you deserve.

Navigate racialized experiences including predominantly white spaces and collective spaces of color.

Lead through purposeful and intentional voice and presence to show up and create impact in each part of your life.

Explore your giftings including how to unwrap and share your gifts on this earth.

Affirm self core identities to build and support relational connections to self and others.

Develop an empowered plan for transforming your life.

"Dr. Debi you have helped me see things that I never thought impacted me! I am exhausted with a good exhaustion because of the intensity of this process of me understanding myself within the context of racial trauma and other impacting things in my work and my relationships!" Thank you so much for taking this time with me individually and as a group with my peers, Dr. Debi! Again, thank you!"

















                                    How to Discover if Dr. Debi's Style of Coaching is for You?

​How do you desire for Dr. Debi to support your needs in personal, professional, or organizational areas? Please click on contact in the menu and complete the information. You will then schedule a 30 -minute phone session within the calendar from available dates.

​During the phone session Dr. Debi will assess your needs and readiness to be coached and decide if this will be an effective fit. ​Once your needs are assessed you may choose a package or packages to be customized to align best with your needs.




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