What does it mean to be lit? It means to be ignited towards becoming the best version of YOU! Are you ready for us to customize JEDI (justice-equity-diversity-inclusion) consulting for your organization, provide you with one- on -one personal/executive coaching, racialized trauma and minoritization coaching, health, nutrition and wellness coaching, or become your dynamic speaker for change at your event, then contact us today! Lets partner to get you lit!


                                  Desire an inspiring speaker? Let us customize your speaking needs!                                      Check out these excerpts of a VanTalk that Dr. Debi was asked to present. 

"Thank you for presenting at FSOCC! Your presentation changed my life and brought me back to FSOCC and my to my family and I really appreciate that."

Jaime Sterio
Higher Education Professional

"People just keep saying how fabulous you are. It was truly an amazing thing to be present and observe the powerful emotions in that room! Debi, thank YOU for being ready to impact so many lives and careers with your scholarship, your intense joy—and your laughter. So rare."

Jennifer Whetham
Faculty Development Administrator State Board of Community and Technical Colleges

"She quickly picked up on details and nuances and put together a clear, concise picture of what I was dealing with and gave me PRACTICAL suggestions. She is direct, brilliant, loving, and courageous in her delivery. With Dr. Debi, I have a ferocious and zealous advocate who loves me enough to cheer me towards the best version of myself and circumstances. "

Hala Teeny

"Your work is incredible and has resonated so much with the BIPOC and other systemically non-dominant (Jenkins, 2015) folx we train. Challenges white supremacy, reframes critical conversations. Your work has been an essential part of my journey."

Molly Kennedy
Trainer/Consultant Systems of Care/Higher Educational Professional

"Powerful personal stories, local anecdotes incredible depth of knowledge. Authentic, inspiring and actionable. Our most outstanding event to date. "

Maury Harris
Senior Communications Officer Southwest Washington Community Foundation

"It was clear that she was thoughtful, mindful and highly tuned in to the objectives we wanted exceeded our expectations, exceptional and remarkable. Dr. Debi’s presence, style and contagious warmth combined with her presentation content and design was AMAZING. Exceptional!"

Debrena Jackson Gandy
National Bestselling Author, Speaker and Transformational Life Coach

"I know this work is clinical, complex and certainly at the heart of your passion! Your expertise and transferable delivery were ah-mazing! Yes, we will have you back, as we all will Share the Flame!"

Shandra Terry
Regional Public Involvement Coordinator, USDA Forest Service

"Dr. Jenkins you were incredible when you came to the Port to speak. It resonated with me. I am in Nashville now but still spreading your message and telling people about you. Thank you for being an incredible influencer!""

Edward K. McDonald III
McDonald-McElrath & Caffey-Lowery

"I had the distinct honor of having Dr. Debra (Debi) Jenkins, PhD as a guest on the Women Who Soar Sister Chat. Dr. Debi was so phenomenal that I invited her back for a Part 2 discussion. Her DEEP EXPERTISE provided the viewers insight and awareness to the systemic racial issues and solutions. She also provided practical tools to help black and brown people navigate their responses to adverse encounters. Dr. Debi left us feeling INSPIRED, CHALLENGED, ENLIGHTENED, and EMPOWERED to soar higher. "

Mary J. Morton
Personal and Executive Coach Founder & CEO W.I.N.G.S LLC

"I entered the space today trying to focus my intention on healing and forgiveness. Words cannot properly express my gratitude. You and your daughter Christina, created a challenging and healing space for me. You provided clarity, tools, and encouragement that I so needed at this very moment. You are truly a gift! I am honored to have the opportunity to share space with you."

Rafeeka Kloke
Higher Education Professional

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