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"Thank you for presenting at FSOCC! Your presentation changed my life and brought me back to FSOCC and to my family and I really appreciate that."

Jaime Sterio
Director of Recruitment and Outreach

"People just keep saying how fabulous you are. It was truly an amazing thing to be present and observe the powerful emotions in that room! Dr. Debi, thank YOU for being ready to impact so many lives and careers with your scholarship, your intense joy—and your laughter. So rare."

Jennifer Whetham
Educational Developer | Communities of Practice | Assessment, Teaching, and Learning

"Dr. Debi quickly picked up on details and nuances and put together a clear, concise picture of what I was dealing with and used inquiry to lead me to PRACTICAL insights. She is direct, brilliant, loving, and courageous in her delivery. With Dr. Debi, I have a ferocious and zealous advocate who loves me enough to cheer me towards the best version of myself and circumstances."

Hala Teeny
Attorney Adviser -NASA

"Your work is incredible and has resonated so much with the Black, Brown, Indigenous and other systemically non-dominant (Jenkins, 2015) folx we train. Challenges white supremacy, reframes critical conversations. Your work has been an essential part of my journey."

Molly Kennedy
Co-Founder of End in Mind LLC

"As our speaker, Dr. Debi incorporated powerful personal stories, local anecdotes and held an incredible depth of knowledge. Authentic, inspiring and actionable! Our most outstanding event to date! "

Maury Harris
Senior Communications Officer Southwest Washington Community Foundation

"It was clear that she was thoughtful, mindful and highly tuned in to the objectives we wanted exceeded our expectations, exceptional and remarkable. Dr. Debi’s presence, style and contagious warmth combined with her presentation content and design was AMAZING. Exceptional!"

Debrena Jackson Gandy
National Bestselling Author, Speaker and Transformational Life Coach

"I know this work is therapeutic, complex and certainly at the heart of your passion! Your expertise and transferable delivery were ah-mazing! Yes, we will have you back, as we all will Share the Flame!"

Shandra Terry
Regional Public Involvement Coordinator, USDA Forest Service

"Dr. Jenkins you were incredible when you came to the Port to speak. It resonated with me! I am in Nashville now but still spreading your message and telling people about you. Thank you for being an incredible influencer!"

Edward K. McDonald III
McDonald-McElrath & Caffey-Lowery

"I had the distinct honor of having Dr. Debra (Debi) Jenkins, PhD as a guest on the Women Who Soar Sister Chat. Dr. Debi was so phenomenal that I invited her back for a Part 2 discussion. Her DEEP EXPERTISE provided the viewers insight and awareness to systemic racial issues and solutions. She also provided practical tools to help Black and Brown people navigate their responses to adverse encounters. Dr. Debi left us feeling INSPIRED, CHALLENGED, ENLIGHTENED, and EMPOWERED to soar higher. "

Mary J. Morton
Personal and Executive Coach Founder & CEO W.I.N.G.S LLC

"I entered the space today trying to focus my intention on healing and forgiveness. Words cannot properly express my gratitude. You- Dr. Debi, and Christina, created a challenging and healing space for me. You provided clarity, tools, and encouragement that I so needed at this very moment. You are truly a gift! I am honored to have the opportunity to share space with you."

Rafeeka Kloke
Director of Legislative Affairs in Higher Education

"Inspired. Enlightened. Activated. These are just three adjectives to describe the impact I've personally experienced by having Dr. Debi Jenkins as my coach. From challenging my thinking to helping me realize my goals, her extensive knowledge, insight and skill helped me discover ways to ignite and share my flame! "

Crystal D. Hill
Personal and Executive Coach Green Hills Coaching North Carolina

"Working with Dr. Jenkins has been so impactful for me personally and professionally. My thinking about my biracial identity has grown more sophisticated through the short time I’ve been working with her. She has been helping me unlock my relationship with my Blackness in a way I have never had access to or a framework for. This allows me to show up as a version of myself that is more authentic to me and my own lived experience in ways that are hopefully less harmful for my Black colleagues and friends. "

Xyanthe Nieder, PhD
Antiracism Education Consultant

"Dr. Debi's coaching leadership has given me the ability to focus better on my professional goals, have patience when leading difficult conversations with others within my community and to be a better problem solver! On a personal growth level she allowed a safe space for me to utilize gratitude, enjoy present moments and to look forward to my next life's ventures!"

Carmen Rodriguez McKibben
Community Activist and Professional in Non-Profit Leadership

"FVRLibraries chose to work with Share the Flame, LLC to develop an Anti-Bias Education Framework to support equitable outcomes in our Children and Family programming. Dr. Debi quickly recognized that, as an organization, we had significant foundational work to do to effectively process and heal from some of our collective experiences around a specific program that received a mix of community support and backlash. Our work with Dr. Debi allowed us to move forward as an organization by giving us the space and guidance to safely work through our missteps, helping to lead us to systemic healing. With Dr. Debi's help, we were able to clarify our intent behind offering programs designed to reflect the needs and aspirations of systemically non-dominant (Jenkins, 2018) communities through work in racial equity, and anti-bias education. The outcome of Dr. Debi’s efforts with us is a well thought out and crafted framework to guide staff in developing Children and Family programs with a firm foundation in Anti-Bias Education at the core."

Justin Keeler
Outreach/Community Partnerships Director

"Dr. Debi, You were terrific! For such a tough topic, you’re upbeat manner, gracious approach to self-assessment, and warm presence made it a safe and productive place with a practical and hopeful path forward. I want to especially thank you for talking about the lack of processing for white people. Growing up in the South with all relatives from South Carolina, I’ve wondered long and hard how some of my own family could think like they do. I understand now that the old ones- now passed- never had the awareness, ability, or opportunity to process what they saw and heard their whole lives despite the obvious evil of it all. I feel fortunate indeed to be in this place at this time where awareness, education, guidance, and opportunity are available by trailblazers such as yourself. Heartfelt thanks to you for that personal gift and for your vital contribution to our conference."

Tricia Pace
Community Health Supervisor and Racial Equity Health Conference Coordinator

"Dr. Debi was an excellent coach (one on one with individual members) and consultant (professional development training) for our team. She met us where we were, helped us dive more deeply into our identities and refine our goals. Her JEDI (justice-equity-diversity-inclusion) training session was moving, interpersonal, and interactive. Thank you, Dr. Debi for caring for us, informing us, pressing us, and changing us!"

Carrie Kondor
Director of Education Linfield University

"Thank you for presenting for us! Our attendees loved the presentation! Here is some feedback on insights gained: an attendee shared in appreciation of Dr. Debi's own anti-oppression research that “I really appreciated the Ist of an Ism model/diagram!” In the reflection below, an attendee stated that they desired to now “overgrow the biases that I have is a new start to change and educate myself on the history [of the United States] and progress to overcome racism.” One attendee commented on the direction planned for their professional work with children and families, “Parent bonding should receive more focus in our care of families and included in prenatal education. [Therefore], it is so important to my work as an IBCLC to be always incorporating ways to stay educated and continue to listen and learn what I can do to dismantle systemic racism.” The following attendee shared a quote of Dr. Debi's that stood out for them most during the presentation, "In order to build equity and resilient spaces in our community we have to begin with ourselves in order to understand and make a change.” Thank you for collaborating with SW WA Healthy Families!!"

Yasmina Aknin
SW WA Healthy Families Coordinator

"Thank you so much for speaking at our conference! You were insightful and engaging and many people were able to take tangible things back to their communities.  You’re awesome! "

Dr. Rashida Williard
NW Regional Conference Founder and Vice President of Equity and Inclusion

"You were truly amazing, and you rocked it! Interactive, knowledgeable, relationship building, accountability and funny all rolled into one fine presentation! What a fantastic way to end a conference! "

Michelle Volk
Conference Attendee

"With humor, wit, knowledge, and grace Dr. Debi inspires me to dig deeper and discover my authentic self. She challenges me to embrace discomfort and conflict as a path to self—actualization. Her coaching sessions balance natural flow and structure, which inspires me to practice (a lot) and make progress towards my goals. "

Eloise Grout Koehler
Board Member in Private-Nonprofit Sectors/Community Liaison

"Thank you so very much for your work with our board and our entire church. Your professionalism, knowledge, experience, and warmth are bright lights in the world."

Mike Roth
Lead Pastor–Pearl Church

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