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for 2020

                     Calling all Women of Color who are working in Corporate Positions or in Academia... 

December is a great opportunity to explore new layers for growth, development, and change to ignite you for the upcoming new year!! Now is the time to identify,enhance, and elevate! Are you ready for 2020? Whether you are or are not, I would love to support your efforts for movement in 2020!  You do not have to do this alone! Take a look at our options


        We support your efforts to become flames ignited through insight to inspire!

As an organization we desire to partner for insightful consulting and training extinguishing resistance to change and igniting an inspired shared vision for teaming, leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion! 

As a woman of color, I, or as a group of women of color, we, desire to be ignited to see a personalized Sacred Flame vision of self through transformational coaching, enclaved community, and tribal collective care!

As an organization we desire a speaker  who can inspire higher through motivational keynotes, dynamic social justice storytelling, compelling panelist participation, constructive informing and/or empowering commencement speeches! 

Monica Medrano- Regional Director, states-"I have had the pleasure of attending a variety of professional development events where Debra has been the facilitator. The role of a facilitator is something that I believe Debra takes seriously and respectfully. While these few separate events shared somewhat of a similar thread, I felt that Debra took the time to personalize all of the content and bring the most relevant information and practices to the session. It is evident that Debra knows her material and knows people. She does a beautiful job of marrying the two together to make any presentation feel like a conversation with a trusted friend!"

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Daring Daily is a powerful use of stories, affirmations, developmental moments and active reflective moments to help you discover, unwrap and share the gifts you were meant to leave here on this earth!" This book is a great addition to the Sacred Flame Ignite Coaching Sessions.  

if you desire to discover a path to your gifts!

Coming Soon!

The majority of Women of Color who work in higher education work from the middle! Are you a woman of color or women of color working in academia and feeling devalued? This book along with the transformational Sacred Flame life coaching experience is based on my own research, Women of Color's Experiences and Strategies in Constructing non-Executive Community College Leadership and affirming stories from women of color working in higher education beyond the study who like you are having to navigate spaces on predominantly white campuses within the United States. If you desire to know more about the Sacred Flame Individual Ignite Coaching Sessions or Sacred Flame Enclaved Villages   

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