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Share the Flame LLC supports organizations to customize specific needs which includes sparking insightful development and growth towards an inspired shared vision and extinguishing resistance to change. Services are customized and may include:
  • equity assessments
  • executive coaching
  • sustainable institutional climate and organizational cultural change
  • restorative justice strategies
  • developmental trauma informed practices
  •  leadership, teaming and belonging
  • JEDI (justice-equity- -diversity-inclusion) involving anti-ism, anti-exclusionary, and anti-bias principles and practices
  • equity decision- making, policy creation, and implementation
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Share the Flame LLC insightfully works with women to help them strategize and navigate racialized trauma and minoritization within society including within their relationships and work spaces. On the other side of that, Share the Flame LLC works with those who want to better support women who experience racialized trauma and minoritization. Services are customized and may include an exploration of:
  • identity and intersectionality development
  • strategic insight to navigate systemically dominant spaces
  • radical self-care, collective- care and communal- care 
  • next-level life dreams, desires, and goals 
  • personal development
  • relationship  development
  • professional development 
    Note: Coaching is not clinical therapy. If you are having deeper issues with trauma then please acquire assistance through clinical support and intervention.
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Share the Flame LLC desires to inspire  your organization and or event higher through:
  • transformational Ted Talks
  • motivational keynotes
  • thought provoking social justice storytelling
  • compelling panelist participation
  • constructive informing
  • empowering commencement speeches
  • collective call to equity as action  
  • insightful Podcast interviews
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Click here to access Dr. Debi's "IST of an ISM" Paradigm and her Equity Terminology -Systemically Dominant and Systemically Non-Dominant (The IST of an ISM paradigm and terminology are the property of Debra Debi Jenkins, PhD and Share the Flame LLC. All rights are reserved)

Below Dr. Debi provides insight to address racialized trauma during COVID 19.