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Consulting and Training


Corporate and Academic Organizations



"Share the Flame LLC partners with organizations to spark insightful growth and development extinguishing resistance to change and igniting an inspired shared vision for teaming, leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion ."

Shandra Terry-Regional Public Involvement Coordinator,  USDA Forest Service states,  "Dr. Debra Jenkins, thank you for coming to train and consult with our new USDA FOREST SERVICE employees about diversity, equity and inclusion strategies! I know this work is clinical, complex and certainly at the heart of your passion! Your expertise and transferable delivery were ah-mazing! Yes, we will have you back, as we all will Share The Flame!" 

Washington State Board of

Community and Technical Colleges

Jennifer Whetham, Faculty Development Administrator State Board of Community and Technical Colleges -

states, “Debi, so, you pretty much made the entire day! I read through the assessments from after your [ morning] session and [session] at the end of the day, and people just keep saying how fabulous you are. One of my favorites, ‘Does Debi have a book so I can read more?’ You have been working hard, for decades now, for all the people who showed up in that room today. You have been preparing to meet them and help them your whole life. And they know it, they hear it as truth, they feel it…it was truly an amazing thing to be present and observe the powerful emotions in that room! You are truly the perfect person to give us a shared foundation and vision for what we might do together as a group. As one example, a first- year tenure- track faculty member came up to me afterwards and said that a student had written her a scathing letter critiquing her teaching the day before. She said, with tears in her eyes, that she was up all-night thinking about it and finally fell asleep around 3AM. She said that after your address, she realized – well, so many things! That she is in survival mode [of teacher development] …that while she can always improve as a teacher, that possibly his critique comes from his privilege and it’s not really about her teaching…and finally, and most important…She is not alone! Debi, thank YOU for being ready to impact so many lives and careers with your scholarship,  your intense joy—and your laughter. So rare. You have a ‘truly found freedom’, and now you are sharing it with others! I look forward to more collaborations.” 









You are in the right place if...

  • you are a member of an organization in need of innovative, creative, and dynamic consulting, workshops, trainings?


  • your organization lacks strategies for nurturing the diverse employees in your work place?


  • your organization unsure of how to institutionalize policies and procedures regarding diversity, inclusion, justice and equity? 


  • your organization unsure how to intentionally respond to issues of power, privilege, and inequity and / or to improve institutional climate and organizational change?


 If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you may be in need of one of the following insightful opportunities:


  • Transformational Leadership and Employee Development  

  • Executive Individual, Group Coaching and Mentoring with your Employees

  • Conflict Mediation, Conflict Maintenance and Conflict Resolution

  • Developmentally Appropriate and Culturally Relevant Support for a Diverse Workforce

  • Student Development for Academic Institutions 

  • Cross- Cultural Communication and Team Building

  • Curricular Transformations for Academic Institutions

  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Assessment                 


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Staff Training for Technical and Community Colleges

Oxford International Round Table Symposiums- Oxford England

Intercultural Development Inventory

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