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Share the Flame LLC partners with organizations to first assess the needs of the organization through an equity audit then create a customized program to spark insightful development and growth extinguishing resistance to change and igniting an inspired shared vision through ongoing education towards one or more of the following:
  • institutional cultural change
  • restorative justice,  developmental trauma (racial and or educational) informed practices and resilience strategies
  • leadership and teaming 
  • (DEI) diversity, equity, and inclusion and anti-ism principles and practices
  • decision- making, policy creation, and implementation
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StrategiLife Coachin

Share the Flame LLC serves historically resilient women (Black and Brown Women) by providing  ignited and insightful coaching towards healing, navigation, leadership, exploration, affirmation and development to support their ability to bridge:
  • identity development
  • resiliency strategies
  • impact of racialized trauma
    Note: (coaching is not therapy and if you are having deeper issues with trauma you should seek out clinical intervention and therapy)
  •  radical self care
  • next-level life goals 
  • personal/professional development
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 Dynamic Speaking 

Share the Flame LLC desires to inspire  your organization and or event higher towards growth, development, and change through:
  • transformational Ted Talks
  • motivational keynotes
  • thought provoking social justice storytelling
  • compelling panelist participation
  • constructive informing
  • empowering commencement speeches
  • collective call to equity as action 



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Click here to access information about Dr. Debi's "IST of an ISM" Paradigm and Equity Terminology (Systemically Dominant and Systemically Non-Dominant)

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