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Share the Flame LLC desires to insight, ignite, and inspire young children (0-8 years of age) to understand and implement equity through the lens of Sugar Pudding's People! Share the Flame LLC is excited to announce the

successful launch of the first book in the Sugar Pudding's People Equity Series, "I Love My Kind of Brown Brown". Over 100 books sold in the first 45 days! I Love My Kind Of Brown is a charming expression of poetic childhood self-love. The book, specifically, teaches young children to appreciate and embrace the skin color they are in within the context of learning primary and secondary colors. This is the first book of the Sugar Pudding's People Equity Series for young children, introducing children to the main characters of the series. 








LW an early childhood educator says,

"My Kind of Brown is a beautifully written book about loving the skin you are in. The illustrations are lovely, showing one page with no colors and the opposite page the colors just jump out at you! The characters in the story are very relatable and the words are fun, easy to understand and yet powerful. I read this to my preschool summer campers this week and they loved it. They all wanted to put their hands and arms next to the rainbow and match their own skin colors. This is a book I would highly recommend to parents and teachers to read with their children. It opens the conversation about how we are all different and unique, but we are all human and we can love the skin we are in!"










C L a parent of young children says,

​“This book is perfect for all races, because yes, as it highlights skin tones from Black and Brown communities, it also has a message so important for all of us, which is, that we have a reason to be comfortable in our own skin! I encourage any and all to purchase this children’s book and read it to your children as soon as it arrives!”   

KB a child developmental specialist says,

​"This is such an affirming book! It is beautifully written and illustrated and speaks right to young children. And...it is quality literature and quality illustrations, just what children deserve! I am really looking forward to the next one! What a great legacy!"

"My daughter loves this book and wants to have the book read to her every night! She says that the character Jaime is her best friend!" ~ R

"My child loves this book and says she is so proud to be a brown girl and to be in her brown girl skin!!" ~ A

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